I'll take it....

All the ladies have left and the guys are still at homecoming so I have been spending a little time cruising the net. Among my topics to look up: house stuff. We're in the pre-stages of buying our first know...looking around to see what we like and don't like. Anywho, came across the Pratt & Lambert site that lets you take a couple of different quizzes to determine your inner and exterior style personality. I am in love with my result (sigh, the beauty of dreams...).

Find out your style here } Interior/Exterior Personality

pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere...

I am so lucky to work with a group of people that I not only really like, but that are super creative too (see evidence below). This year our principal broke us up into six teams for a pumpkin decorating contest and it was! Of course there were shenanigans (think missing pumpkins and ransom notes), but that just added to the fun of it :-) On Friday morning we all revealed our pumpkins and any parent that came in before 2:00 could vote. We're already looking forward to the next challenge!
Happy Halloween!


thought of the day

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Its been a long day...Goodnight all.


all work and no play makes me a....

very busy person?

Who sets up a blog and doesn't have any time to actually right anything? Yup, that's right...this girl. My little chickens at school and my tutoring girls and grad school have been keeping me busy, busy, busy!! Boy, could I use some down time! Thankfully this weekend is homecoming weekend for the guys and all the ladies will be congregating here for some good old fashioned scrapbooking fun! I can't wait, I haven't scrapped in ages and I have kits and products galore that have been waiting ever so patiently for me to use. Now...what to scrap?


...and we're live!

I'm officially part of the blogosphere!