anybody there?

I wouldn't blame you if you aren't! Boy, it has been long since my last post. So much has changed in the last year or so that at times it makes my head spin, but it simultaneously makes me stop in my tracks in awe.

I have finished graduate school and have made the switch from teaching special education to teaching in my own classroom. There have been days when I leave (hours after school has been let out) and have to pause as I begin to turn out the lights because I can't believe how much I love what I am doing and how fortunate I am to be given the ability and opportunity to do this awesome job every day.

I went from being engaged to the greatest man I know, to being married to this man who gives me a new reason every day to love him.

We had an entire weekend to be surrounded by the people we love and enveloped in a spirit of celebration that we will never forget! It poured buckets during our ceremony, but that just added to how special it really was.

We are still working on renovating our home. We were in a lull for a while with everything else going on, but slowly we are getting back into it.

And the biggest change (and surprise!) of all is that we brought this amazing souvenir home from our honeymoon....

Yup, in what is probably the biggest surprise of our life we found out that we are going to become parents in May! 

So my crafty friends...I'm looking for suggestions on how to document our little one. My lovely blogging buddy, Sharyn, has suggested Project Life and I have to say that I really like that idea. Have any of you used that format to preserve the memories of your pregnancy and child? If so, what kinds of things have you included? If not, what have you done that you really like? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!