design advice

No, this is not a figment of your imagination. 
Nor is it an early Halloween ghost popping in to say "Boo!"
It's just me.
With a real, live post. 


I know haven't been around much lately. But I have been playing with paper, although it hasn't been of the typical kind. I've been spending a lot of time with some 70's wallpaper.
Lots of it. 
LOTS of it. 
mmb & I have been stripping wallpaper at our new house (and actually loving it-especially since we got a steamer ;-) !) And don't worry- I have certainly been saving little bits to scrapbook. It is so much fun being a homeowner and having all of these fun projects to do :-) 
The house is coming along nicely, bit by bit.

I don't know if its that we are finally making progress with the house, or the fact that the leaves are changing and the cooler weather affords breaking out the sweaters and hot apple cider on the deck at night, but something is stirring up that oh-so-familiar need to get up to my elbows with some paper (of the scrapbooking persuasion) and adhesive and get to creating. Sadly, all of my supplies are still packed in boxes. 
The bright side of this conundrum is that they might still be in boxes, but they are in boxes in my new scrapbooking room!!

A scrapbooking room which is a complete blank slate. 
I am overwhelmed with the creativity- and very excited by the possibilities!

So, dear friends in blogland...could you help me out? I am looking for any advice you can lend. Color schemes, products, furniture, accessories, etc. What works for you and doesn't work for you in terms of storage?

I welcome all advice and will be waiting, with sweater buttoned and mug of warm cider in my hand, to hear your responses.