I just got my hot little hands on a copy of this...

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The always inspiring Elizabeth Dillow has released a book filled with information meant to help you tell (and scrapbook) the everyday extraordinary stories of our lives. 

In her words it is "brimming with historical events, modern observances, and unconventional connections to life that elevate ordinary days into extraordinary and meaningful material for pages and projects"

I don't know about you, but I think that sounds pretty awesome. I'll be waiting at the mailbox for my copy...poor mailman won't know what him when he sees a crazy lady jumping up and down with excitement. I just hope I don't rudely grab it out of his hands and run toward the house. At least without saying thank you. 

Want to check it out? Go here.


MMEL month 1

Well ladies (and gentlemen) I have made it though month one on MMEL. Have you? There were ups and downs, the journaling explains it all. 

February update coming soon. I'm off to do some yoga before bed!



Well surprise, surprise. 
It's snowing here in the good ole Northeast again. 
What does that mean besides hours of gentle peacefulness falling from the sky? Oh yes, hours of shoveling. 

But hey, we live in New comes with the territory!  

What else does 20(more) inches of snow mean? Another day or two off from work. 
And what to do with said time besides read, bake homemade bread, make smores by the fireplace and enjoy the beauty? 

Try to get my craftroom in order! Painting is done, moulding is up, now its time to organize and decorate. Yay!

I'll be working in here all day today...and probably tomorrow if Mother Nature has anything to say about it. 

More updates to come later!
Stay safe and warm :)