Well surprise, surprise. 
It's snowing here in the good ole Northeast again. 
What does that mean besides hours of gentle peacefulness falling from the sky? Oh yes, hours of shoveling. 

But hey, we live in New comes with the territory!  

What else does 20(more) inches of snow mean? Another day or two off from work. 
And what to do with said time besides read, bake homemade bread, make smores by the fireplace and enjoy the beauty? 

Try to get my craftroom in order! Painting is done, moulding is up, now its time to organize and decorate. Yay!

I'll be working in here all day today...and probably tomorrow if Mother Nature has anything to say about it. 

More updates to come later!
Stay safe and warm :)


Anonymous said...

Love the title of your post! We're waiting for it to come our way--tonight through tomorrow if the meteorologists are correct. Hoping my son gets back from Denver before we get snowed in. He's on his way. Your craft room looks great; can't wait to see it all organized and decorated. That's the fun part.

Lianne said...

YAY!!! love the heart in the snow, finally some positivity from all this snow....nothing much we can do about it anyways, so might as well scrapbook, do laundry, drink hot cocoa, and cuddle up!! Cant wait for a scrap partay!!

laurie said...

sounds like a wonderful way to spend a winter day (or two!)

Anonymous said...

Room looks like it's coming along nicely! And darn those are some big flakes - we got a lot of snow but nothing like that her in WI!

Anonymous said...

yeah...we have lots of it too. stay warm.

humel said...

Hooray for a good excuse to stay in and craft (or organise craft supplies, which is quite as much fun!)

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