boot camp, yes!

I am so excited! 
I opened up my google reader to catch up some blogs and the first post I see is from the uber talented Maegan from Madeline Bea Photography. 
She's offering Creativity Boot Camp again this May. 

I joined in last year, and it was amazing. 
Details haven't been released just yet, but I urge you to keep on the lookout. It was truly a fantastic experience. 
Her creative photo prompts really helped me to think outside the box and I got some really great layouts out of the photos I took.

I do hope you'll join the fun! 


humel said...

Ah, thanks for the tip - I hadn't heard about it :-) I sort of joined in last time, but I'm definitely interested in taking a look - either to explore what my new camera can do, or to experiment with a spot of art journaling this time!

Anonymous said...

Oh cool...I worked on it a bit last Fall, will have to give more effort this time!

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