running shoes? check! confidence?...enh, a little shaky

So tomorrow begins my 10 week 1/2 marathon training! Things that are important to know about this are:

1. I am doing this for [an amazing cause]

2. I am NOT a runner. I have run sporadically for small increments, but it has never been a talent of mine

3. This is a challenge for both physical and time management reasons

4. I could barely get out of bed after just walking it two years ago

5. If the kids fighting cancer that I am doing this for can face their challenge, then I can face mine for them

It is not going to be easy to get out of bed on these now cold New England mornings to get in a run, or go to the gym after a day full of teaching, tutoring and grad school work, but I am going to do it.
I am going to do it, and so is MMB (my magnificent boyfriend {also happens to be his initials}). Because the kids need it, and because there isn't anything we can't do, if we do it together.

So, I've got my running gear ready and the schedule posted on the fridge. And about that confidence...I guess it is there after all.


Chey can cook! (and more) said...

You will do great! Run Run like a bunny!

sasha said...

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