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If you cherish your camera, but also value some style, then you are probably with me in the quest to find a cute camera bag...One doesn't make you look like you're rolling into your local elementary school on school picture day to work the crowd.

You would think that this would not be that difficult of a task, but let me tell you, I have been searching the ends of the internet hoping and praying that something...ANYTHING, would pop up in my little google search engine that would cry out to me "buy me!, I am the perfect home for your beloved memory encapsulator!" But alas, nothing. I've come across a couple of teases, but nothing was ever "just right" for what I am looking for.

Enter: the Epihpanie...

{Epiphanie Bags}

Just when I was about to give up on finding the right one, I get news of this wonderful new addition to the camera bag world.
Functional? Check.
Cute? Check. (check out that darling little metal camera tag!)
Could this be the end of wrapping my camera in a handkerchief to protect it when I throw it into my handbag? Could it be that I have finally found "the one"?
I'm not willing to commit just yet, but it is a definite possiblity...

Of the three different styles, the Belle is my favorite. Though the Ginger and the Lola are definitely contenders.
The good news: The designs that have already been created are adorable, and there are more in production right now! You can also contact the designer if you have a specific design in mind and they will work with you to create your dream camera carrier.
The maybe not so great news: They won't be ready for release until the some time in the beginning of the New Year (but gift certificates are available).
Patience is a virtue.
And good, functional style is worth waiting for.

What do you all use for camera bags? Links are welcome!


Photographing Mom said...

I put my camera in my handbag...those are really cute bags!!

sharyncarlson said...

Gorgeous. I signed up for their email list a while back and just got notification of the gift certificates. I am seriously in love with the Lola. Still more than I would normally spend on a bag, but maybe it would make a good birthday gift :)

Thu said...

SO CUTE! I actually find all my individual camera bags on etsy.. if a sewing machine could fit in our apartment, i would try to make some of my own!
- thu

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