Dear Brilliant Readers,
Can you help? I need some organizational tips, and I need them fast. Last night I began cleaning out my scrapping stash and boy, oh, boy...have I made a mess!
My previous solution had been to utilize lots of covered boxes on bookshelves (think, Ikea), a clip-it-up, some plastic storage bins and some shelving units from Target. This has worked fine for holding everything, but I find that I forget what I have and then it never gets used and just accumulates clutter.
I despise clutter.
Yet, time after time I find myself buried in a mass of it.
Won't you please help a fellow crafter out? Any ideas of how to store things so I can better utilize my abundant stash of papers, ribbons, punches, stamps, embellishments, etc... would be so helpful and very much appreciated!
Pretty Please??
p.s. feel free to link pics of your storage solutions, I'd love to see them :)


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