a unexpected blessing

I don't have many pictures from my childhood and that has always been something that I struggled with. I love to look at old pictures of people I know and love, but the time spent poring over others childhood memories was always mingled with a tiny bit of wishing that I still had some of my own.

I remember there being tons and tons of pictures, but they have all been lost.
In a way, it felt like a part of me was lost with those photos. I have a hard time connecting to the past at times and not having the visual reminders just makes that all the more difficult. There was never any being embarrassed at showing boyfriends baby pictures. I dreaded events that might ask you to bring past pictures. Not having any pictures left a small hole in me, like a period of my life was missing.

Perhaps that is why I appreciate the power of photography so much now.

Today, I received a completely unexpected blessing in the form of an email of scanned photos from my childhood. There aren't many, but enough to make me feel more connected to who I was. Who I am.

I am so grateful.

I have wanted for so long to take Ali Edward's Yesterday and Today class, (hopefully it runs again!) but never felt like I could because of the lack of photos. The batch that I just received has made me rethink that. What a healing experience it could be if I allow myself to do it.

I feel so blessed to have been given this gift.
Because truly, that is what it is.

haha look at that old chair! I remember that thing like it was yesterday! Good thing I didn't inherit THAT decorating gene ;-)

My heart is so full right now.


Thu said...

i feel the same way :) i didn't have a lot of childhood pictures or home videos and now i put so much importance on capturing everything through photos. every sight, sound, feeling..


Chey can cook! (and more) said...

I just had tears:( I'm so happy you got some photos - from who?? You were a cute lil one:) And always tan!

sharyncarlson said...

Awww, how adorable where you as a little girl?! What an amazing gift to receive these pictures. Photos are such a powerful gift!

Rachel said...

Oh, that's wonderful. What a gift.
Believe it or not, my family had that SAME EXACT CHAIR when I was growing up. It must have been popular! And our couch matched. Hideous! :)

Carrie said...

So happy for you. What a cute little girl you were! I somehow ended up with a very similar chair & loveseat we used in the basement years & years ago, lol. Too funny.

Tara said...

How wonderful for you Melissa, you couldn't have wished for a better Christmas present. I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. A few months ago my Auntie sent me some old photos that she had and there was a photo of me and my mum that I had never seen before. I must have held that photo for hours!! I am so pleased for you.

Melissa said...

What a gift and a wonderful surprise. It is so good to have a visual trigger for memories that we might otherwise have forgotten.

{melissa} said...

thank you all so much. these pictures really touched my heart today, as have all of your comments.

humel said...

Oh, I'm so pleased for you :-) I can understand what you mean about having difficulty connecting to the past at times. I bet these pics brought many memories flooding back - and I'm sure they'll continue to bring you a lot of pleasure :-)

A Life More Fabulous said...

So cute! - so happy you found them
(that chair is classic!)

Suzanne said...

that is so sweet!
and what adorable pictures!!!

efdamore said...

Thanks for sharing your picture with us. Such a cutie. And by the way, I know some perfect shag carpet to go with that chair. Just in case you are interested!

Angela said...

Melissa, I'm so pleased for you. I bet you spent hours just sitting looking at them with a smile on your face!!

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