tea for two (or four...)

Well hello, everyone! 
It's blog hop time once again, if you can believe it. Time certainly does fly. You might remember our blog-hopping crew from our last endeavor back in December when we brought you lots of delicious recipes and crafty ideas
Well, here we are again, this time with lots of ways to celebrate that lovely February holiday- Valentine's day. 
I am focusing on celebrating the ever important relationship in your life- your friendships. So pull up a seat and get ready for a hop full of ideas that will help you celebrate the variety of important 
people in your life. 

So, how to celebrate my ever so important girlfriends in a fun and whimsical way? Tea party it is!  I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than with with the ladies I love, gathered around a tea pot with lots of good talks and refills. When thinking about a cute way to dress up the table, I remembered coming across a picture somewhere that showed tea bags with different shaped labels. That memory played around in my mind for awhile and evolved itself into a really simple, yet adorable idea:


tea bags
plain or patterned paper in two colors
letter stickers
heart punches in two sizes(*can also use die cutting machine or cut by hand)
mini- hole puncher

1. punch one large heart and one small heart from papers you chose
2. adhere small heart to larger heart

3. choose first letter of each guests names from letter stickers and adhere on top of both hearts
4. punch small hole in larger heart

5. cut label off top of tea bag

6. loop string from tea bag through mini hole and tie, cutting off excess

7. put in tea cup, with label resting on the handle of tea cup and, voila!

As you can see, it is a super fast and simple way to personalize and dress up your table for your grown up tea party. And as an added bonus, this can easily be adapted for birthday parties, showers or any celebration where you will be serving tea.

Now that you have one idea under your belt, be sure to stop by and check out the creative genius of these lovely ladies:

Happy Valentine's to all of you. May whichever relationships you cherish; be it friendships, significant others, pets, or coworkers, be blessed with lots of love and happiness, not only on Valentine's Day, but each and every day throughout the year :-) 

p.s. sending many happy thoughts your way, Julie! 


sharyncarlson said...

Shut up Melissa! This is way too cute. I seriously love how you set the table and your tea service set is gorgeous. Is it vintage?

Laura @ Cameron Crazy said...

LOL @ Sharyn's "shut up"! :) These are SO adorable! How cute would it be to have a Valentine's tea party with all of your friends?! :)

Carrie said...

Wow, what a neat idea! Love it! Such a cute table setting too. While I have glass charms I would've NEVER thought of this!

melissa said...

thanks ladies :-) Sharyn,my boyfriend's mom gave me the teapot & accessories and I got the cake stand, tea cups & saucers at homegoods!

Chey can cook! (and more) said...


LadyMissSusan said...

That's just adorable! How fun to attend!

Maya said...

What a neat idea! Love this!

Kellie Collis said...

That is such a wonderful concept ! Gorgeous!! x

LisaTaz said...

What a cute idea!

Viji Siddharth said...

This is so totally adorable!

luci said...

I love the idea of a Valentines tea party. consider it done. the tea bag tags are great and I love the words youre just my cup of tea! thanx

A Sarasota said...

neat gift idea!
happy blog hop! maya sent me...

This Lovely City said...

Oh how cute!! Wonderful work! I love this idea+the color palette here is to die for! xo

Laura said...

What a fabulous idea!!!

Alissa Ferullo said...

Cute idea!

Laura said...

These are so gorgeous! *loves*

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