catching up on DYL

Boy, am I behind on my Design Your Life class. But, hey...such is life at times. I'm not going to stress over it. What's the point? It will be there when I get to it, right?

I did manage to put together the pre-course layout together last night (I told you I was behind!). And while I did deviate from the traditional red, green and brown theme that was suggested, I used colors that I don't usually gravitate toward. I really like the way it turned out. I even impressed myself by changing the colors of the logo in photoshop ;-) I think I achieved my goal of summing up what I love about scrapbooking.

I'm hoping to get to some more pages tonight, but I do have some homework and organizing to get to. And I should probably get in some yoga. Hmm, I wonder if I can make a layout while doing that would be something!

p.s. does anyone have any good tips about photographing your layouts? I would love some advice! 


Meghann said...

I love this! The colors are great. About photographing layouts...I put it on a flat surface and stand directly above it, or try to prop it upright with something behind it. Then when I photograph, I make sure that I am lining it up in the viewfinder as straight as possible with the sides (however, it is never totally straight). Then (and this is the great part) I put it in Photoshop. After changing colors/brightness/contrast, I crop as close to the uneven edges of the layout as possible, and select around the entire image with the rectangular marquee tool, and select Edit > Transform > Skew. You can stretch your corners and make the layout perfectly straight on each side! Let me know if you need any help trying it out!

Lee said...

LOVE the colours. DYL was such a great course, I took it last year. Meghann does the same thing I do - and then some, when photographing her layouts! Just make sure you get in a spot with flat natural light. A north facing window is always perfect. LOVE her directions!

Lisa said...

Hey Melissa, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my 2007 review album. Nice to see somone is out there reading me!
And so I dropped by too and I have to say that I love your title page for DYL. I did that class - was it already back in 2008! ? - and was always behind. I have it on my list to finish off. I think I managed half but I have to tell you that the class gets better and better. I love the fact that you changed out the colours - is that Ambrosia I see?? Gorgeous. I stuck to her suggestions most of the time because I am a follower and less of an innovator! But I am always very impressed by those of you who break out.
No suggestions on photographing layouts - especially in the winter. I have a little easel that I got from Ikea that I use. I put it outside if possible or just in as good light as possible trying to make sure that the main light source isn't glaring the photos and I am not casting a shadow but I have to say, that most of the time, the photos could be a 100% better. I don't worry about them being straight and then crop them to a bit wider than the layout so that it is clear that it has been photographed and not scanned. But the comment from Meghann above seems to be much more helpful!
Once again, thanks for stopping by!

Suzanne said...

looove it! it looks fantastic!!!

sharyncarlson said...

Hey Melissa! Your intro LO looks great; love the colors and the little photos. I follow the same process as Meghann. I have to stand on a step ladder to get directly centered above my LOs :) To add to Meghann's fab instructions, another tip is that before I take the picture I always slip a piece of white cardstock behind the layout and let it peak out just a bit. This enables me to remove the color cast in PSE by clicking on the white cardstock before I crop it out. If you'd like more detailed instructions on removing the color cast, just let me know!

Carrie said...

Nice! I LOVE the scalloped edge on the journaling strips - so stealing that idea! Great job and you're right, why stress over our fun!

nancy said...

What a cute layout! I just love the colors. And if you figure out how to scrap while doing yoga, PLEASE tell me your secret! :)

Tara said...

Love the layout Melissa. I have no tips about photographing layouts, for me I just shoot and pray and sometimes lighten it up a bit in iphoto!! Not sure how other peoples' look so good!!! I think it helps if you have a 'white' house, mine unfortunately is quite brown!! Have a great weekend.

The Scrappy Tree said...

Love the central piece of your LO!

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