"what do you mean chick peas are beans?" martha monday

I suppose that it a legitimate question. 

I mean, they are called chick peas
My poor meat-atarian boyfriend....
He claims to not like beans of any sort. How can I torture him so? 
Poor man had no idea he was eating beans...

What was this meal that has caused such mystery in our home this evening? Well, it was Martha's Pasta with Chickpea-Tomato Sauce, and it was delish! 

I didn't vary at all from the recipe (a first for me!) other than using linguine instead of shells. Just wasn't feeling that kind of pasta tonight. Oh, I also added a sprinkling of panko to the top just to give it a little extra texture. So...I guess I did vary a tid bit...but I didn't change the recipe itself at all.

It was very tasty! The sauce was light and fresh with the red pepper flakes and fresh torn basil adding just the right amount of zip. It wasn't as good as the pasta with chickpeas I had in Bermuda, but I would definitely make it again. 

p.s. mmb really liked it! though in the interest of full disclosure, I did add some crisped bacon to his. 

I have to get back to grad school work and getting ready to scrap the weekend away at Croptopia with three of my favorite ladies. Can't wait!! Three days of scrapbooking 'round the clock, hot tubbing, swimming, what promises to be an awesome photo editing class with the super talented Sarah Kristiansen  and perhaps a spa treatment....ahhhh heaven!


Anonymous said...

I love chick peas - this pasta looks terrific.

sharyncarlson said...

Looks delish! And sounds like you are going to have an AWESOME weekend!

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

haha, didnt the boyfriend not realize some other food was something he thought he didn't like too? i can't remember what though....

can we sign up for spa treatments when we get there, or do you have to sign up before hand? i just hope the weather holds out so we can get there safely friday night!

melissa said...

it was sooo good, ladies!

haha cheryl, it was another bean dish!

The Scrappy Tree said...

I have chick peas with everything! Love 'em!

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