i believe

I believe in a cure.
So I walk. And I run. And I sit with kids getting their chemo treatments. 
And I pray.

I believe for those fighting, for those who will have to fight and for those who couldn't anymore. 
Let's be honest.
Cancer sucks.
And nothing ever came true from not believing. 
So, I believe.

Do you?


S said...

Lovely page and thought-provoking journaling.

Caroline said...

I BELIEVE!!! My husband's mom passed away from Colon Cancer... and both my husband and I make it our goal to raise money for research and participate in the fight against cancer. I am running the SF Marathon in memory of her, and my friend and I are raising money to donate to the SF Cancer Society... our goal is 3,000. So we will see what happens. Much love to you!!! XO

sharyncarlson said...

I love what you've written here, and you've made such a beautiful page to records these thoughts.

Meghann said...

Great layout. Really powerful words. =)

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