...and the house hunt continues.

I'm here. Really I am.
School has been let out for the summer and I have a couple of weeks off before summer camp begins. I was hoping to spend some time working on my summer list, but alas...a whole week has passed by and the only thing I have done is thoroughly enjoyed lemon mint water (seriously refreshing on a very humid day!). So then what has been taking up my time?

We are still, yes still trying to find a home we want to purchase. I have quite literally spent a whole week perusing the internet, touring homes and going to open houses. There is one gorgeous antique colonial we have our eye on, but there are some things that are holding us back. However, whenever we go see a house (and we saw over 20 in a 4 day period!)  we are always comparing it to the home I previously maybe we just need to take a risk. Ugh, this is hard! 

In (somewhat) related news I found out through some detective work that our realtor has a weakness for red velvet cupcakes. I would like to bake her some to thank her for all of her hard work so I am wondering if any of you out there have a good recipe or tips I would greatly appreciate it if you'd share with me :-) 


humel said...

Good luck with the house-hunting - I hope you find 'your' home :-) Afraid I can't help you with the red velvet cupcakes, I've never made them - if you do find a good recipe, please do share! xx

luci said...

oooh i have a couple of recipes - one for cup cakes - and one for a big cake. have fun looking at houses - I just started to do the same. oh the dilemas

Meghann said...

I've never made red velvet cake, but keep your head up and continue your search. You will find the PERFECT house, but sometimes perfect isn't very easy to find!

laurie b said...

i've always believed that you don't choose a house, the house chooses you. you will know when that happens. have faith in the process. i don't have a good recipe but the boxed mixes aren't too bad. :-)

Carrie said...

Good luck on the house hunting!

Genevieve said...

I hope the house hunt is looking's so difficult trying to find somewhere that ticks all the right boxes and that just feels 'right.' I know that the Pioneer Woman has a recipe for red velvet cake in her cookbook...I'm sure there'll be a few recipes over at Tasty Kitchen as well. Good luck with it all!

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