creativity boot camp-day 3


When I think of multilayered, I think of me. 
And you. 
And my students. 
And my family. 
And probably your family. 
And the stranger on the street.
And that woman I heard about in the news story. 
And the little boy who had a tantrum in the store.

You see, we are all more than meets the eye. 

We all have different experiences and emotions that make us tick.  We all have feelings that might not be apparent, and different upbringings and circumstances. We all have different schemas. We all react to things differently. 
We all live in the same world, but have built layers upon layers of love and tears and joy and sorrow. Not one of us is the same.

We are all multilayered. 
And that fascinates me.


emma wallace said...

That's such a wonderful entry! I have to keep it in mind when I can't understand (at all!) where someone else is coming from. Thank you for reminding me!

luci said...

lovely writing. thanks for sharing x

Sian said...

Great interpretation. another one I've seen that I like is that fellow bloggers are adding an extra layer to our lives.

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