creativity boot camp-days 7 & 8


Little notes left behind, waiting for me to find them. Makes my heart feel likes its flying. 


Sentimental pieces that flood my mind with wonderful memories.


Feather said...

good morning, melissa.
i have to thank you for your kind words of encourgement on my blog yesterday. creativity can be so risky, you know?!

i've been cruising your work for cbc and have to say that my favorites thus far (of yours) are the multilayered and heavy metal posts. what was it you said?..."strong enough to hold our futures"? that is an amazing thought. and i loved your picture and words about yourself and multilayered.

Meghann said...

You've been keeping up with the Creativity Bootcamp! Great job! I had meant to participate, but life got in the way. =)

humel said...

I *love* your interpretation of 'fly', that's fabulous! :-)

I'm still pondering 'ornament', but special pieces of jewellery is one possibility for me, too xx

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