I'm in.

Can I possibly put one more thing on my plate?
No seriously. I kind of feel lke if I take on one more thing to do right now that my head might explode. 
But lo and behold, this morning as I am laying in bed, trying to muster up the energy to go pick up a paintbrush, I find this little gem in my inbox...and against my better judgment I open it.

Before you know it, the first two emails in my inbox are titled
"Thanks for your payment to"
"Welcome to True Stories"

Wait...what?! How did that happen??

Next thought in my head:
"Are you crazy, girl?"

But here's the thing. Well first of all, Shimelle's classes are not only super inspiring, but they are go-at-your-own-pace. As in, maybe I will do one today, maybe I'll do one in two weeks. There is no crunch to get them in on time and that is so important right now.

I just didn't see how I could pass up this opportunity.
I miss creating. I miss blogging.
I miss telling my stories.
I love my mac, but I am a sucker for picking up a pen and piece of paper.

I want need to get back to basics.
I need a little more simplicity right now.

Although taking one more thing on my plate should be making my head explode (as mentioned above), signing up for this course has actually created a sense of calm. It's like all of the thoughts in my mind just found out that their time off request has been approved and they can breathe a little easier. So start packing up, thoughts and stories, you're about to take a little trip. Onto paper.

And yes, I could use that right now.

What do you think? Will you join too?


humel said...

Yay - so glad you're joining in! I'll see you in class :-)

laurie b said...

this looks like a fabulous class and i, too, love picking up a pen and writing. but i am so, absolutely in over my head right now with all i have and need to do. i hope you will keep us posted on how it is going!

Pen said...

Me too!
I thought I resisted it, then clicked on the YouTube video, and next thing I know...
See you in class :)

JO SOWERBY said...

welcome to another shimelle class, looking forward to the non-supply, basics pen and paper part, i miss writing. see u there
Jo xxxx

Suzanne said...

I signed up last night! With the same thoughts... and hopefully the same outcome ;)
That beautiful video won me over.

furrypig said...

thanks so much for the comment on my blog and I look forward to seeing what you get up to in class xxx

Jerrie said...

I signed up on a whim as well (my first class though) life has been hectic and out of control and I feel like this was just what I needed. Another thing on my plate? I like to think of it as the quiet cup of coffee that will make me function. Enjoy.

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