a relationship in numbers

Five Years 

In 5 years we've had a lot of numbers. 

8 Christmas trees decorated. Remember when we used to decorate two per year. One at my apartment and one at yours?

7 airplane trips. I used to squeeze your hand so tight when taking off and landing.

6 graduations. We survived grad school!
1 romantic first anniversary dinner overlooking Boston (which I unfortunately, ahem..."redeposited" later that evening).

5 spoooooooky dinners.

8 weddings attended. 

2 ski trips. 

1 sunrise canoe ride after a very eventful night on the cape. 

3 trips to Bermuda. 

2 awesome cats. 

2 trips to the hospital. One each.

8 baseball games. (that I can remember)

0 days without talking to each other. 

1 sailing lesson. 

10 birthday cakes. You make the best.

1 evening ice skating on Frog Pond. 

3 fall getaways. 

1 home purchase. 

about 100 kitchen dances.
4 St. Patrick day celebrations.

4 summers on the Cape.

2 black friday trips after Thanksgiving dinner.

100's of evening walks. 

5 moves (combined).

2 deaths. 

8 babies born. 

1000's of skipped heartbeats. 

Countless smiles and laughs.
Immeasurable love.


Heather said...

great take on the prompt! :)

Liberty :) said...

love this idea!!! a lot of mine end up being 1 though which isn't as much fun as yours!! are you going to scrap this?

Sarah C said...

awwwww, this is so beautiful. Love the photo too x

Stephanie Joanna said...

awwwwwwwww! So sweet, and what a great take on the prompt! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Lovely take from the prompt!

Meghann said...

So sweet! Great post!

laurie b said...

what a wonderful way to account for the time you've spent together! and just think of the numbers you'll be posting in five more years. :-)

Mari said...

this is so sweet!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Sian said...

I loved that "0 days of not talking to each other"!

senovia said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)
This is a great post. I should do this for a scrapbook layout. I love the tidbits about the Christmas trees and stuff. :)

Jerrie said...

What fun journaling! I love it. You'll treasure this forever. Thanks for sharing!

Pen said...

I loved your interpretation of this prompt.
I am way behind, having just been on holiday, so got to start playing catch-up :)

Genevieve said...

This made me smile :) What a great way to celebrate your relationship!

humel said...

Really beautiful :-) I'm sorry I'm coming to this post so late, stupid blogroll ate your blog!! I've told it off most thoroughly xx

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