is anyone planning to MMEL in 2011?

I am. 
I have been ruminating over it quite a bit. One might almost say grappling with the decision.  

I have a long string of broken resolutions in my history. 
I am horrible at them.

Every year it is the same old thing...think of things I want to resolve. Make a plan. Get gung ho about it. Do it for a little while. Let life interrupt. Forget about said resolution.  

This year is different though. 
The things that motivate me are different.
My attitude is different. 
My planning will be different. 

Truth be told, I love to be healthy. 
I love cooking and eating clean food. 
I love planning menus. 
On most days I would rather choose a ripe juicy apple over an ice cream sundae.  
I love a good sweat after a good yoga or dance session. 

I just.don' 

So here we are. Days away from the new year, but does that matter? It shouldn't. 
This is not my new year's resolution. 
This is my resolution to get healthy once and again. 
Once and for all. 
It's my resolution to be good to myself that just happens to be simultaneously taking place with the turn of the year. 

Are you joining? 
Will you move more and eat less in 2011 (and beyond). 
I hope you will. I could use some company. 


Liberty :) said...

i am in the same quandry as you. i fear i will start only to run out of time and fail. what can we do to stop this?!

humel said...

I sure am - it has my name all over it, literally!! But yes, I already planned to turn things around a bit in 2011, after making definite improvements in 2010 which started to slip towards the end of the year.... I'll cheer you on :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

i am also planning to join in, now i have high blood pressure i really need to get myself sorted out.maybe we could have a team of us,.............
Jo xxx

Sian said...

I could definitely do with giving this a try - even a liitle is better than nothing at all, yes? I'll be cheering you on too

cate said...

I signed up for the wellness journey at BPC (starts on dec 30th), so MMEL is perfect for me - I've already purchased and printed the journal, just need to put it together before the weekend.Good luck with your journey!

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