this is me.

Hello everyone.  While reading through the prompt for Shimelle's newest class, Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, the thought crossed my mind that there may be a lot of people popping over here who are not familiar with this little spot or myself, so I though I would take the opportunity to introduce myself. 

I'm Melissa. 

I like to scrapbook. 

and cook and bake for my friends and family

I am head over heels for this guy...

and renovating our house together is one of my favorite things to do 

I am a teacher and a tutor

and a sucker for a good cup of tea

I'm beginning to garden

I like to take pictures 

and I have amazing friends and family! 
I'm a pretty lucky lady :)

...And that there is a tiny snapshot of me.

 I'm so glad you've stopped by my little place to share some projects, soon to be projects, and affinity for things that make me smile.

I do hope you'll stop by again!
Oh, and I would love to learn a little bit about you. Please leave a comment telling me a little something about yourself and a link to your blog, if you have one, so I can check out your little place too!


Nati Tristan said...

Wonderful Pictures!

Miss Smith said...

Lovely photos and I really like the design of your blog :D

I'm a teacher too and my tea addiction is serious.

humel said...

What a lovely post :-) I'm not a new visitor, but I still enjoyed this summary of 'you'! xx

JO SOWERBY said...

lovely to meet u again melissa. loving the cupcakes and tea, well being english need i say more? love the post
Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the name of your blog and love that song All Smiles by Jess Penner. I had to go to iTunes to look for more music by her :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

laurie said...

i really like your new banner, new look! can't wait to see what you have coming up in the way of crafting and life.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Fun post!!! xoxo

Jo.C said...

Great introduction - pleased to meet you :0)

mjmaterazo said...

great intro! love it. i like to scrapbook & craft in general, cook, travel, decorate, garden, entertain, read, exercise.... nice to meet you. maryjo (from bfs)

Lianne said...

love it.

Rachel B said...

Hello Melissa, I'm not new to your blog either but it's nice to find out a little more about you, see you around in class :)

Em said...

hi, we have lots in common! i love tea, scrapbooking and decorating too. i love your blog. hi from bbfs!

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