obvious, hidden, in my mind only

So today's prompt from {Shimelle} was to use a planning sheet of sorts to design a layout. We are supposed to look at what is obvious about a picture, what is there but hidden and what is in my mind  only.
I thought and I thought about what I wanted to create my layout about and then decided to look through my pictures and get inspired that way.
It worked.

I adore this picture of mmb. Although you can only see a part of his handsome face, his wonderfully benevolent personality really shines through; my heart warms every time I look at this picture. I'm so glad I had just happened to be playing with my camera while I was waiting in the car and was able to snap this shot. Maybe its the dimples, or the warmth in his eyes. It's hard to see in the picture of the layout (sorry about the cruddy lighting!), but in the picture itself all that is good inside of him really shines through.

What is obvious is that he's holding two Dunkin Donuts cups in his hand as he gets into the car. You can probably deduce that it is summer time (hence the coolata and iced coffee), and you might even guess it was on on of our trips to the Cape.What might not be so obvious(or perhaps it is...) is that this man is a Dunkin Donuts junkie and he was more than happy to be having his morning coffee.

This picture may not seem like much to many, but to me it means so much. The hidden value in this picture is not in the objects captured by the click of a button, but in what they symbolize to me.

That coolata he holds in his hands isn't just a cool and refreshing beverage (though it was quite tasty). Its that he went into the store and even though I don't really care for Dunkin Donuts, saw the watermelon flavor and knew I would probably like one( I am still lamenting the issue of the broken slush puppy machine at the convenience store down the street...).

And he knew that I'd want it without whipped cream, and in the very smallest size they offer.

And  he knew that even if he got the smallest possible size that I probably wouldn't finish it.

But he got it for me anyway.

The hidden meaning in this picture is that this man is the most thoughtful and caring person I have ever met.
He listens (even at times when I think he doesn't...)
And he knows me so well, and not just the likes and dislikes, but the particulars of them as well.
What an inexplicable feeling it is to know that someone "gets you".

So thank you, my smallest-size-possible-sans-whipped-cream-watermelon coolata yielding love. I hope you too, can see it in my eyes when I hand you a turkey and swiss-with lettuce-no tomato-mayo on one side-mustard on the other-pickles (drained on a napkin first)-uncut sandwich, that there is so much more than something to eat packed in your lunch bag.

I "get" you too.

He truly is beyond words wonderful .
And I truly am beyond words blessed.


Sharyn said...

Awww, great story. I love your writing and you are clearly one lucky lady! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog header, too! See you in class :) -Sharyn (

Chey can cook! (and more) said...


Meghann said...

This post made me happy. It is so sweet! =)

Yes, please add me to your blog list. I made sure you're in my Google Reader subscription so I won't miss any posts.

Love your background BTW, and your header. I need help with the latter.

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

since im back to scrapping, is it too late to sign up for this class since you've already started? if so, let me know when the next one starts

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