what i'm loving wednesdays

Welcome to the first edition of "what i'm loving wednesdays"! Every Wednesday I will post 5 things that have captured my eye, my heart or things that I am just plain old loving. Intrigued? I thought you might be... I love a pretty wide range of things and it doesn't take too much to inspire me, so you never what to expect here. Be sure to stop by and see what I'm loving, you just might end up loving it too!

Now on to this week's picks, in no particular order....

I am adoring this necklace from {Lisa Leonard Designs} . I love the grace of it.  The message is simple, but strong-yet vulnerable at the same time. No fuss, just beauty.

And while we're on the topic of beautiful things, how about this picture from {davina + daniel}?

I've been rocking the hair pins lately and just might have to order this one from {bazaar Latino's etsy shop}. This little beauty would perfectly complement my adorable new cardigan.

Well said, {Oh So Beautiful Paper}, and oh so true.

...and last, but not least: how amazing is this planner that Rachel from {Heart of Light} made as an ingenious solution to keep all of her crafty, etc... ideas organized? She wrote the directions {here} and you'd better believe I'll be making myself one of these sweet little things.

Well that's all for today's what i'm loving wednesdays. Hope you enjoyed them and maybe even found some inspiration from them. Stay tuned for the next 5 :-)


Maya said...

Great picks!

helena said...

oh yum looking planner - another project I want to do

sharyncarlson said...

Awesome awesome list. I am so very inspired! Love that print - it's just gorgeous. Oh and if you like that necklace, have you ever heard this poem by ee cummings. It's a fave of mine:

Meghann said...

Love your list! I think I'm asking for one of those necklaces for Christmas, and I really want to make a crafy planner now!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos! Love that organizer too! your blog is gorgeous!!!
off to check out your fab layouts!
Rani from Shimelle's class

Sarah Kristiansen said...

Hi there Melissa! I noticed that I was getting some traffic to my blog from here...THANK YOU for listing me on your blogroll! And wow, hinkley them! I've had your blog open on my computer for the last hour, enjoying the music, especiallt that first song... Thanks keeping my eye on you too! Sarah

humel said...

Oh, I _love_ Lisa Leonard's necklaces!! Want one!!

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