i love me some cardigans.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing? A "go-to" thing in your closet that you couldn't live without? for me, that is my cardigan collection. Yes, you read that correctly; I said collection. I would say that having 22 cardigans (at last count) constitutes a collection. I can't help it! I just love them. Solid, printed, embellished, embroidered, short sleeve, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve....anything will do. They are the one thing I cannot resist when I walk by a store window or come across while online shopping.

Is that strange? Nah. It could be worse...

The girls I teach with have playfully penned me "Mrs. Rogers" (think of a certain man walking in the door of the house in everyone's favorite neighborhood...he'd love you to be his neighbor) and like to poke fun at the fact that all year round I have a cardigan. There was one day over the summer when we went out after camp and I didn't have one...I was cold....and mad that I didn't have a sweet little sweater to button up in. I told them I was unhappy to be caught without a cardigan. Which sent them into hysterics. Then I said "caught without a cardigan" sounded like a great title for a scrapbooking layout. Which sent them into even more hysterics.


I love my cardigans. Maybe it can be likened to my inner {Linus}. But I think it's just more that I like the style of them. You can use them to dress up or dress down an outfit, they keep you warm (and modest), and there are so many different varieties.
What more could a girl want? (other than some cute shoes that coordinate, of course.)

  {j.crew}                                                      {anthropologie}                                   {j.crew}

and one final word on my beloved button down sweaters... keep posted for when I finish this cute little layout!


Chey can cook! (and more) said...

hey, i appreciate the cardigans - i know where to go when i need to borrow one;) i love the middle picture for you! ask santa claus;)

Nadine said...

unfortunately, I don't share your love :/
it's just not my fashion.

still, I like your little layout (:

Meghann said...

This layout made me laugh. I love cardies too, but have nowhere near 22! I am loving this little Anthropoligie one...
Great start to your layout and nice photo. Looking forward to the finished result!

sharyncarlson said...

Your post made me smile! Are you going to get any of those cardis from your wish list? They are all so romantic and look like they could be dressed down or up. Oh no, now I feel like shopping!

Agent M. said...

I have about 15 or so. It is impossible to work in a state run library without dressing in layers (brrrrrrrrr)... but I've also been a cardigan, skirts & knee sock girl for 19 years now (still rocking the look at 35).
I can appreciate your love!

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