must. get. sleep. ( & some suggestions)

 I found these adorable stamps at {this cute little scrapbooking store in Hyannis} on one of our Cape weekends this past summer. 

Who knew this would be so true? The scrapbooking one definitely applied (I've been known to pull an all nighter on more than one occasion). And I definitely spent a lot of time reading blogs at that time. But boy, oh that I actually am blogging myself I have definitely swapped the zzzz's for the click, click, click of the keyboard and "Honey, time to stop blogging and go to bed" is definitely a phrase that has been heard in the m+m household a lot this week. I blame it on {Shimelle} ;-) and many of the other amazing creative bloggers I have "met" through her class. And on those pesky "must do's" like homework and cooking cleaning and blah blah blah that I have to do first before I can get to my blog time!
Sleep is overrated, anyhow.

And now, a suggestions request...
 I am looking for a good scrap kit of the month to subscribe to. I have used both {label tulip} and {Magpie Club}, both of which I really like and find to be pretty reasonable cost-wise for the caliber of products they give you.  In fact, Magpie offers a regular kit AND a "credit crunch" kit (which is only $12.50+shipping). I love the idea of getting a little bundle of supplies in the mail and  being challenged to create from what has been given to me. There's something about

If you use a KOTM, which ones do you use? Why do you like them?


Nadine said...

I LOVE the stamps! ^^

actually, I'm looking for some kits to subscribe
but am not sure which to do so :/

I'm thinking kenner road since they have all
these vintagey stuff that I like (:

do you have any others to recommend? ^^

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

those stamps are hilarious!

im not sure they are the type of kits you are looking for since they are just 8 pieces of paper, but target usually has "kits", or I guess moreso packages of 8 different, but related, papers for $1!

sharyncarlson said...

Ohmygosh! I love those stamps! What a great find ;) I have been a kit club subscriber at for 4 years now and still love them. I think the price is very reasonable and I like knowing that their kits always include an altered project item and 2 alphabet sets. Plus they usually offer add-on kits that match the main kit and they do weekly challenges with monthly prizes. Hope you find a kit club to love!

colby ranae said...

moderation is bliss, and you, are ever so lovely! thanks for dropping by and a wonderful weekend to you! xx

Anonymous said...

Love those stamps!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Pieces of Me.

Lisa Spiegel said...

HOw cute are those stamps? I am on DT for Little Red Scrapbook dot com and have been a member since the beginning...I think they have the best value in kits out there...I also love Studio Calico for the interesting mix of stuff in the kits. :-)

Lauren said...

I've used two kit clubs, well actually, three. But two of them are no longer in existence, so I'll just mention Studio Calico. I've gotten about 50% of their kits since Dec 2007 (they are monthly). I LOVE the stuff they put together, although their prices get me a little.

I've always liked the look of Scarlet Lime, but I haven't made the leap yet.

Suzanne said...

haha! those stamps are awesome :)

{melissa} said...

Thanks for all of the tips, everyone! I am going to check them all out :-)

Coley said...

HI Melissa. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. i am glad to have found yours. The stamps are too lovely and the photos in the post above this are beautiful too.

Karen x

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