Let the card making begin! The rest of my supplies from Two Peas and Stampin' Up! came today and I am ready to go :-) Here are some of the papers that I got to go with the vintage cream cardstock and kraft paper envelopes I will be using this year. Combined with the adorable tree stamp and my Papertrey Ink supplies, I think this year's card just might be my favorite one yet.

So besides just being thrilled about the arrival of my order, there was a special little perk that I was not expecting. When I ordered the papers I couldn't see what the print was on the text papers, but thought it would be really nice to use anyhow.
Today I open it up and look at it and guess what...the text is from Pride and Prejudice!! I know...I couldn't believe it either! Check it out for yourself...

See? It's right there: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth, Mr. Bingley....
I would have been thrilled to get this under any circumstances, but below explains just why this is so such a treat to me right now...

Actual conversation heard in the m+m household last night:
me: "Hey hon, check out this page I am working on"

him:"Nice one. I am shocked that you used a page ripped out of a book and it's not from Pride and Prejudice"
me: "I thought of that, but this is the page that came with the embellishment pack
...and besides, I would feel like I was defacing the bible or something [insert giggle]"
(ponders just how much a page made from p&p would be amazing)
 him:"Well it looks great"
me:"Well thank you. Maybe I will try to find a copy that is already missing some pages and use that."

And now today this comes! Can you believe it? I can.
Life is serendipitous.


sharyncarlson said...

shut up - how perfect is that!? ps - I left you a little award on my blog. :)

Meghann said...

That is awesome! I can't wait to see your cards. Where did you order this paper? Who is the manufacturer?!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know, too, and I'm anxious to see the cards as well.

{melissa} said...

Thanks ladies, I am excited to get them done! I ordered the papers from Two Peas. The brown paper is by Bella Blvd (Couch Potato Honey I'm Home) The green and red are Collage Press (Joyride).

Suzanne said...

that is so cool!
looking forward to seeing the cards - and extra motivation for me to start on mine! (not even close to getting started) eek!

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