what i'm loving wednesdays 11.18

Apron Addiction, er...I mean, Edition.
So I have this little fascination. Yes I know it's one of many, but I just can't resist a good apron. I use them whenever I cook. There's just something about them that makes every day tasks seem more pleasant (& pretty!) :-) I am always on the lookout for new ones, and here are 5 of my current faves:

How perfect is this for the upcoming holiday parties? I am going to have to order this one for sure!

This one is just so sunny and bright! It reminds me of cooking in a country kitchen on a hot summer day while a soft breeze is blowing through the trees.
The two aprons above can be found at: {Jessie Steele}

Simply adorable! Can't you just picture baking up some holiday treats on a snowy day in this little cutie?

A must have for every day use. You can even attach a dishtowel via the snaps at the top. Cuteness and convenience...brilliant!

So, so pretty! I just love the cut and design. 

So, I am ready to get my baking about you?
(disclaimer: I used to be a horrible baker, but have come to enjoy it quite a bit...could it be the aprons?? hmmm...)


sharyncarlson said...

oh I love these! I was planning to ask for an apron for Christmas, you've made narrowing it down much easier ;)

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

ron just said i need an apron! hehe...and you are a better baker b/c you follow directions very well now:)

Anthea said...
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Anonymous said...

Oooh, I've never seen aprons like these before! I always thought they were ugly, horrible and just there to keep your clothes reasonably clean! I never wear one... but maybe if I had one of these I might just. And perhaps, I might start enjoying baking too!

Meghann said...

These aprons are so great! I need to be a bit trendier while baking and get one!

Nellie Mae said...

Ooh, great post! I am totally addicted to aprons too!! I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas so I will be making my own to wear at school....

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