what i'm loving wednesdays

Welcome to another edition of "what i'm loving wednesdays". I am trying out something new and posting 5 things from one genre that have been catching my eye. Please be patient with me while I figure out just how to go about this :-)

This weeks topic: Good Eats.
(prepare to get hungry...very, very hungry)

Maple Pumpkin Pasta with Blue Cheese and Sage. Are you KIDDING me?!? Nothing says fall like this delicious dish. I found this over at {fresh365} which is an amazing cooking site that offers the most mouth watering and delectable vegetarian dishes I have ever seen. With tastebud awakening meals like this, not even my carnivorous boyfriend misses the meat.

and check out these delicious looking {Black Bean & Sweet Potato Quesadillas}, yet another fantastic find from {fresh365}.  Who doesn't love a good quesadilla? You better believe I will be using this site to help plan the weekly menu from now on!

Here's a delicious soup I am trying out this week (no kielbasa for me though, thanks). I think you could probably also sub out the chicken broth for veggie broth and it would still be yummy!
Check out {For the love of cooking} for this recipe and many, many other tempting treats you will want to try.

oh, oh, oh! I am not really a huge dessert person, but I do love a good treat once and a while and I have a feeling that if I made these fabulous looking {pumpkin spice whoopie pies} that I would be about 5 lbs heavier by the end of the week...unless I could reduce the recipe to only make a couple, but irresistible do these look?

Do these cupcakes not look delish? I hardly ever drink soda (usually only on one of my late night crafting and/or studying binges), but if I do it is usually Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper. Check out {Annie's Eats} for this recipe and many other scrumptious eats.

Hungry yet?

And just one more unrelated thing for this particular Wednesday. It's Veteran's Day here in the US, please take the time to remember the sacrifices that so many have made to fight for freedom and human rights. If you have the chance today, thank someone who has served or is now serving. They make sacrifices for us all that often get taken for granted. Remember those who have fought, the many have made the ultimate sacrifice and those who are fighting now.

You don't have to support the war, but please support the troops.

(you will need to press pause on the sidebar playlist to pause music in order to hear the video)

And just in case you might be having a hard time separating "the troops" from "the war" take a look at this link. It's a touching reminder of how we need to remember to step back from the way that the media has desensitized us from even the word "troops" and think of them as people. These people are human and are loved and missed by many. Today, think not only of the people who are serving, but also of those whose lives are directly touched by their absence and their work.


Heather said...

hungry & humble today :)

Meghann said...

Watching that reuninon video just made me cry at my desk (and I've already seen it!) If you like pumpkin, you should try this recipe from Rachel Ray. Tres yummy.

Anonymous said...

Lovely food and heartrending video!

sharyncarlson said...

Yummy, I'm dying to try that pasta recipe and the pumpkin whoopie pies. And thank you for the reminder about veterans; I love what you said about separating the troops from the war. My husband served in the Air Force, so he's dragging me to Applebees tonight for his free veteran's meal :) I'll have to come back and check out the video!

Krista Lund said...

hi melissa!
your blog looks great! and it is making me hungry! i plan to back this weekend- can't wait!
thanks for your sweet words on my blog :)
i am a classmate of yours and i've been such a slacker!
i hope to get caught up before shimelle's christmas class. this will be my third year!

St├ęphanie said...

I am hungry now & I like your blog !!!

Anonymous said...

Meilssa- awesome post... that pumpkin pasta looks AHmazing!

Thanks for the video and reminding us all what today is really about... it brought tears to my eyes!

Kathy M said...

Love the quesadilla with the black beans and sweet potatoes. A local restaurant serves it here.

Carrie said...

You're right, I'm hungry! Great topic. Nice on the Veterans too. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I now need a snack!

themathchick said...

I loved your recipe feature...and thanks for the links, too :) I also appreciated what you had to say about... "You don't have to support the war, but please support the troops." ...thank you - that was very well said.

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