and the countdown begins

Just mere minutes ago it officially turned December 1.
Time to begin the advent.

When I was unpacking the Christmas paraphernalia over the weekend I came across the advent calendar that I made last year. I was going to make a new one for this season, but when I gently lifted it out of the box that has kept it safe for the past year, I was reminded of how much I really do love this particular one (and it's a good thing, because unless Santa was going to bring me an early little gift of some extra time, it wasn't going to happen!).
It is nothing more than some patterned paper, chipboard accents, pearl pins and a little ribbon, but behind each number that counts down is a little bit of holiday spirit.

With all of the chaos going on over here with work and schoolwork and holiday preparations (we haven't even been eating dinner until almost 11:00 every night!), this advent will serve as an important reminder to pause and take in the season. When I created this calendar last year I never would have imagined just how essential it would be this year.
Life is funny like that.

There is no candy, no ornaments, no tiny presents. Only holiday reminders, tasks and reflections.
And that is just perfect for us right now.
(just need to change the year!)  



How do you countdown to your winter holiday?


sharyncarlson said...

Oh I love your advent calendar! Life is funny like that, isn't it ;) I hadn't made one in year's past, but I made one yesterday and photos are up on my blog. How did you get the frame around yours? Did you repurpose some packaging? Love it!

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

love it! it's on my list to make one - i should work on it since it is now dec 1st huh....;)

scrappyjacky said...

This is wonder you want to use it again.

Lauren said...

Ooooo... I like this version/twist on the advent calendar. We did calendars some years growing up, but we did an advent wreath every year.

Carrie said...

Cute calendar! The kids have the ones with chocolates behind the little door & I have one I made where I just turn the numbers each day. I'd like to make an Advent wreath but not sure about this year.

{melissa} said...

Yup- repurposed packaging. I used the box from a frame that I had bought. Thanks everyone :)

The Scrappy Tree said...

What a great idea! Really inspired to try this for next year :)

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