Yes, I just might be.
I've gone scrap-class happy! 
(this would be me if I had long, light blonde hair...)

Well, I did it.
At the 11th hour I decided to sign up for Cathy Zielkse's Design Your Life course. 

Which makes my current BPS courseload this...
Get out of Auto Mode (starts tomorrow)

and definitely singing up for this one which is coming soon...

Pile this on top of copious amounts of grad school work, teaching, tutoring, and having a life and I think I just might be officially crazy.
Why do I do this, you might be asking yourself?
Well for two reasons...

The classes at BPS are phenomenal.
And besides, scrapping is my escape from it all, so wouldn't taking more classes essentially balance all the other stuff?
 Ahhh, sweet, sweet validation ;-)

I know that I really wanted to take those classes and was concerned they wouldn't be offered again. I didn't want to miss out (note to self:get over that)

And just how am I going to balance all this, you ask?
Well, for now I am concentrating on work and school work and doing what I can here and there. Later, I will catch up and scrap my little heart out over February break and Croptopia weekend.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

Now back to that homework...

P.S. I found a promo code for $5 off any workshop at BPS, just enter readroom at purchase anytime between now and January 31, 2010! 


sharyncarlson said...

You signed up for DYL!! I was just stopping by to tell you that I was just watching a new video message from Cathy and she says toward the end that this is most likely her last time offering DYL. Glad you made it in. That hybrid class you have coming up looks really good. Think I can handle DYL, Library of Memories and that all at once??? :)

{melissa} said...

I did :-) I'm crazy, but that is ok. I had actually emailed Cathy to find out if she would be offering it again, but she said doubtful-that was enough for me ;-)

I think you could definitely handle it. It doesn't start until late february so you will probably have a good handle on the others!

Angela said...

Hi Melissa, I love the look of your blog these days. I've been reading in Google Reader so missed the new look :)
My, you are going to be a busy girl, you sound so excited about it. It definitely sounds like fun! Enjoy!

Tara said...

I was tempted too Melissa but am trying to have a frugal January. No trips to the mall, no trips to Target and ignoring all emails from BPS!! I will be very excited to see what you make though.

Meghann said...

Good luck with you BPS courseload! Can't wait to see what these classes inspire you to create!

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

You love not sleeping;)

Lee said...

Good for you :) Looks like my schedule last year. I'm taking a hiatus in 2010. DYL is worth losing sleep over! Very informative. Will effect how you see everything - from now on.

JO SOWERBY said...

i'm doing most of those classes too and i am mad for real!!!
jo xxx

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