it's almost v-day...

I have to admit, I don't really care for the commercialism of Valentine's Day very much, but I certainly love the holiday. Well...truth be told, I love any reason to celebrate. Flag Day, anyone?

Every year I make mmb a little something crafty to express some extra love to him. I made this mini-album for him two years ago to thank him for 14 of the ways that he makes every day feel like Valentine's Day to me. Just full of the simple little things he does every day that makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

I heart this man. 
More than words can say.



In case you didn't know, this year Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year happen to fall on the same day! Hooray! ( I told you, ANY reason to celebrate...) So we're going to go to our favorite Irish Pub for lunch for v-day and get our customary Chinese New Year dinner from our favorite Asian restaurant. Yikes, I better get in some extra yoga on Saturday! ;-)

Are you celebrating? 


Caroline said...

Oh my how fun!!! Thanks for stopping by Coeur de La... what a beautiful blog you have here... Sunlight and Simplicity... love it!! xo

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

you know us and vday - the husband will get me some kind of sweet from another holiday and i'll be crafty for him:) too much commercialization and money spent on this day - do you see how expensive the flowers are at the grocery store this week?? eek! im glad we agree, and hope others do too, that everyday should be vday with the one you love:) we will enjoy our olympic country food night and sleep in i hope!

FEDERICA said...

How sweet!
Wish you a fantastic Valentine's Day!
Don't miss my giveaway:-)

Sian said...

I didn't know they were on the same I know what to make for dinner on Sunday :) Enjoy that Irish pub!

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