more catching up, more gratitude

Have you ever flown to another state and back within 24 hours?
But, I took advantage of our plane ride to Florida to try and catch up on some more DYL. 
I only got one quick Real World Color layout done because my mind was spinning in all sorts of directions. I am grateful for the welcome distraction the scrapping gave me.

Yesterday mmb & I went to Florida because it was my mom's birthday and her friends had a planned a memorial service for her and my stepfather who passed away in an accident just nine days after she did, just a couple of months ago. 
I am still reeling from all of this. 
It is hard to think of life ever being the same. 

But I don't even want it to be the same. Even if I wanted it to be, it would be impossible. 

Although right now life seems to be in shades of grey and red, there are moments of clarity where I can see the vibrant colors that each day brings. Even more vibrant than before. 
This is a gift that they have given me. 
And although I am sad, and angry and confused at the way I had to receive it, I am grateful for it just the same. 

I am so grateful for all that her wonderful friends have done and for getting to see a glimpse of what her life was like in the years we were separated. She was a magnificent person, as was my stepfather, and together they were amazing. The truest of love stories. 
I am grateful for that too. 

Someday I will share the story. Once I find the words. Or maybe I already have the words. 
I am not sure. 
But I have a feeling they might come more easily once my mom's art supplies get here.
And I am grateful for that, too.  

What is something you are really grateful for in your life?


This Lovely City said...

I am so incredibly impressed with your ability to see the best in situations. The fact that you are grateful + not furious says so much about you as a person!!

Your mom sounds like she had wonderful + TRUE friends. Hard to come by, thats for sure. I'm excited for you to receive her art supplies :]

I am grateful for my husband + family.. and people like you who teach me to see the best in situations! Have a great week! xo

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

aww, where is that tree? so neat! love the page! i am as well glad that you can see the best in situations, it always helps me:) i am grateful for my friends, especially miss sunlight and simplicity, family, and the ronald, pretty much anyone that cares about me and will walk with me along this life path. you'll have to show me some of this digi scrapping at croptopia!

Susanne said...

I lost my sweet 45 year old brother to suicide a year ago today and my mom 6 months earlier. All I can say is to surround yourself with beauty, loving friends and family, and when you finally stop reeling you can thank God for his infinite wisdom in such matters....we cannot fathom or is beyond us. Be gentle with yourself and God bless you while you are in this season.

sharyncarlson said...

Beautifully said, Melissa. Thank you for this reminder of gratitude. Every day I'm always very grateful for my husband and his love.

Maya said...

Such a beautiful layout Melissa!
So sorry about your loss.

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