tales from the crop

Laughing more. 
Learning new things. 
Not getting enough sleep. 
Singing Happy Birthday at 12:01am.
Being incredibly grateful for such a fun time.
That pretty sums up this weekend at Croptopia.

And how did it fly by so fast???

I feel so very blessed to be able to spend the weekend away with some very good friends, spending hours upon hours crafting our hearts out. I look forward to this weekend every year!

This year was especially fun because my bff Cheryl came along with us! Not only was it great having her around, but my boyfriend and her husband (who are also best friends) teamed up to surprise us with gift cards to the spa at the hotel we were staying at. 
 (you men are amazing)
Best. Facial. Ever. 
There were cupcakes to be had for a very special birthday, wine to be had and definitely good times to be had. 

I took an awesome photo editing class by the incredibly talented Sarah Kristiansen and can't wait to start using Lightroom to edit from now on!

And I got....drumroll please....9 pages done!!!
That may not seem like a lot, but it is a pretty good showing for me: Ms. Super-Slow Scrapper!

Oh, and I get home and the super wonderful mmb has a huge hug and a pesto pizza waiting for me for lunch and then suggests a trip to the ice cream shop for dinner.
That's right. I definitely had a rootbeer float for dinner. 

Does life get any better than this??

I am already looking forward to the next scrap weekend! 




Have you ever gone on a scrapping trip?


Lee said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! I haven't been to a crop in a couple of years and your photos made me miss it :) Glad you had such a wonderful time, and your men are very thoughtful ... lucky you!

sharyncarlson said...

Ohhh super fun! What a great time! I've never been on a scrapping trip but this definitely makes me want to :) Also, I don't know much about Lightroom... maybe you could tell us a little more about why you're making the switch! I'm very interested!

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

It's not about the fastest scrapper, it's about just enjoying what you're doing and loving the pages YOU make:) which were all amazing of course. can't wait until next year! And yes, our husband/boyfriend are amazing:)

OneCraftyFox said...

Sounds like a fab weekend, was it your birthday? I have never been on a scrapping weekend. Sounds fun!

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

come pick up your award!

Suzanne said...

oh my gosh that sounds like so much fun!
and, 9 pages?! woohoo!

Heidi said...

i. am. so. jealous. and i'm a super slow scrapper, too, so i'm thoroughly impressed with 9 pages in a w/e!!!!!!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Wow, what a great weekend! Never gone on a scrapping trip but love getting together with friends for some scrapping, nothing better!

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