happy mother's day

To all the moms...both young and old, the moms-to-be, and the moms whose angels are no longer with them, have a wonderful day full of love. 


Although I am missing my own mom terribly today my heart is so full for all of the moms out there, especially two of the greatest moms I know, my friend Becky and my friend Alison

I was sent this link to help spead love to moms in need of a few kind words. All it takes is a couple of seconds to write a quick message. If you get a chance, please do it. 

Have a lovely day!


humel said...

That's a great petition, thanks for the link. Thinking of you on Mother's Day xx

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

What a wonderful sentiment and photo... i lost my mom in October so this has been a real different Mother's day for me... My two little children have made it bearable...

Thank you for this post. You made my day! I wasn't sure how to honor my mom on my blog, so mine is kinda obscure...

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