Just a small word to look at, but such a huge job it has. 
If I do...
If I should...
If I don't...
If I can't...
If I won't...
If I will...

What if you do?
What if you don't?
What if I don't?
What if we don't?
What if they don't?
But then again, what if they do?

What if I had chosen a different career?

What if my childhood had been different?

What if I didn't believe?
In myself. In God. In the good of others. In the power of honesty and hard work. 

What if I didn't have my amazing friends? What if I didn't have the knowledge and wisdom to know who my true friends are?

What if I had given a care about peer pressure?

What if I never stopped dancing?

What if I never lived in the city?

What if people were no longer hateful and cruel to those who can't defend themselves?
People and animals alike. 

What if I never met him?

What if I never pushed myself out of my comfort zone?

What if I didn't inherit my mom's creative genes?

What if we had more time?

What if I get sick one day?

What if I liked coffee?

What if cardigans were never invented?

What if I never discovered scrapbooking?

What if people were held accountable?

What if I accepted things at face value?

What if people really understood what teaching really is all about?

What if I couldn't read? Or worse, what if I wasn't allowed to?

What if we lived in a world that was free of hate, violence and fear?
What if you had to sacrifice come of the comforts you are accustomed to in order to achieve that? Would you still be willing?
What if you, a single person, had not only the right to- but the power to make a change? Oh wait...we do. In the choices we make. The reactions we have. What we choose to take action or not take action with.

Today is voting day in the US.
What if you get out there and make a choice? Stand up. Make your voice heard.
But then again, what if you don't do it.

Please vote. 
Just think of what can happen if you do.


Sian said...

Powerful stuff.

JO SOWERBY said...

i agree with sian, extremely powerful
Jo xxxx

Jerrie said...

Fabulous words! Love it.

I had a t-shirt in high school (made by esprit) that said, "What would you do?" and on the back it said "Be aware, speak out, vote." So very important. My boy is just 15 but we've been talking ethics, politics and how to make the right decision (for him and his community) for as long as he can remember. I hope everyone casts their ballot!

Pen said...

Fun, clever, and thought provoking.
Your blog is fast becoming one of my favourite places to visit :)

Genevieve said...

So powerful and thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing.

laurie b said...

i voted and now you made me so much more glad that i did.

humel said...

Great post. I can only repeat what others have said - really powerful xx

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