mmel intentions

Have you written out your intentions for MMEL 2011? 

My intentions are somewhat simple.
 I intend to be healthy again. 

And that doesn’t mean never eating another french fry or cupcake again. To me, being at my healthiest means feeling good, both inward and outwards. In order to get there I intend to find a form of exercise I love and commit to it and to eat cleanly and track what I eat. I intend to lose weight.

I intend to be able to go shopping and feel confident. I intend to reduce my risk of getting cancer. I intend to continue living a full, authentic and happy life-just in a more healthy way. I intend to look at pictures of myself and not cringe at love what I see.
I intend to take good care of, and respect, this one body that I have been given, not only for today- but because the choices I make affect my tomorrows. I intend to take this one day at a time.

I intend to move more and eat less.
(renovations to come on me and the bathroom) 

What are your intentions?


Sian said...

I think after seeing that cute picture of you we should all resolve to include more photos of ourselves on our blogs - it was lovely to see you this morning!

And I'm right behind you with your excellent intentions - all the best for 2011

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