one little word-2011

My one little word for 2011 is savor. 

Savor life. 
Savor love. 
Savor each bite I take. 
Savor time. 
Savor moments that pass too quickly. 
Savor the here and now. 
Spend less time thinking about the future, and what if. 
Savor my blessings.
Savor it all. 

Savor it now so I can cherish it always. 
Take nothing for granted. 

What's yours?


Sian said...

It's "reach"

Anonymous said...

Mine is "finish." Yours is such a great pick!

alicia said...


Ginger said...

I am considering "less" but have not committed yet!

JO SOWERBY said...

mine is ''renewal''.
Jo xxxx

humel said...

What a lovely word :-) Love your applications of it!

My word is 'details' xx

Rachel B said...

Great word :)

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