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As promised, I'll be posting some pics of the layouts I did at Croptopia this weekend
Full pics are coming soon, here are a couple of previews to tide you over...

And now for some other important business...

Another promise that was made was to pass on another one of the awards I was so fortunate to receive this week and here it is:

This is the Sunshine award I received from Tara (thank you, again, Tara!)  Now my job is to pass this award on to three people whose blogs put a bit of sunshine into my life.

If you follow this blog you probably know that I have been getting into a little digital scrapping lately. It is a lot of fun and there are so many great products out there...truth is that shopping for products can be a bit overwhelming at times, so I am glad to have a few "go-to" designers that I know I can always count on for high quality, affordable products.
These three blogs are all from crazy talented digital designers who I hope you'll check out- they really are amazing!

1. Liz

2. Aud

3. Amanda

Do you have any favorite digital designers?


Meghann said...

These layouts look great! I can't wait to see the full photos!

olive juice photography said...

so i love your blog! so pretty.. and i LOVE your playlist! so pretty and peaceful! :)

Tina Marie said...

Hi, I'm christine. You can find me at I am somewhat new to the blog world and I am just trying to get to know some fellow bloggers. Of course I found you through someone's scrapbooking blog and I really like what you've got going on here! Your playlist is quit pleasant too. I have been wanting to find new ways to get people to find my blog and I figured what better way to do that then by introducing myself! I will be checking your blog regularly and I hope to hear from you. Thanks for sharing all kinds of cool stuff!

Tara said...

Just beautiful layouts Melissa, you got a lot done over that weekend. So thrilled that you received so many awards but very well deserved, just loving your blog. Thanks for passing them on. Tara xxx

sharyncarlson said...

Love the sneaks... I can't wait to see the full pages!!

The Scrappy Tree said...

You've been a busy bee! Liking the teaser pics :)

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